about me

Alittle about myself

I’m Britini, middle name Marie and I’m an awkward, shy caring old soul that loves quality family time, taking photo’s and might have a tiny shopping addiction.

Why am I here you ask?
well, let me just tell you that right now.
For one to express myself through writing and photos and second, to show you that my mom life is the same reality as yours and last to be real and show you guys what I love to do like shopping to cooking and maybe even taking a nap, cause really guys who don’t like naps?

So follow me through my life so I can connect with your life & maybe I can learn a thing or two from you as well.

The biggest reason in why a created this blog is because I want to have this eventually be my full-time job, now that seems impossible to most even to myself at times but I will get there if I really want it. Right now I work full time and my days off and hours are never same & that takes time from me being home with my husband a daughter, lame right? What mom wants to be making close to nothing working her ass off and not get that quality time with her fam? sure the hell not me but I’m doing it right now to be able to pay bills and put my daughter through school.

So that’s why I’m putting my 100% into this blog ! and I can’t wait to take on this journey with you.

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