Working retail- Part one

management expectations vs. reality

i will not be saying the name of this business.
when the store opens
-cover breaks/lunches
-get projects and moves done
-run everything from the stockroom
-and most importantly, do all of this shit all at once.
-have 20 things done in one day but also get them done in less than a couple of hours before it gets busy in the morning.

Reality & what is really going to happen!
-getting your name called on a walkie talkie by your co-workers 100 times to do shit that has nothing to do with what you have to do.
-getting called to the register to ring up bitchy stuck up people and waist 30-1hour of your precious time.
-run freight, not from your department, so again what projects are going to getting done again? let me know when you know? ……..ill be waiting.
when finishing a move and it taking forever to end up being shit to management and then having to change it all over again but how they want it even though “it’s up to you “
-cleaning and organizing your merchandise that is being put out wrong by people who don’t care and have to fix it because of its now your problem.

at this point, I might be losing my cool, it’s 2:30 am and I just want to sleep. doing overnights is stressful, sleepless nights & lots of work to maintain an area that will only last for a few days if that.
put in so much work running freight instead of redoing departments that I just have to think if this shit is worth it ? do I just quit?

and not just to quit because of the work because of that’s not the hard part. The hard part is trying to keep my mouth shut and hands controlled . some people have no respect for the job that’s being done. whether its employees not giving a shit or the customers.

I just wish one-day corporate will understand and allow there to be enough payroll and have enough people properly trained so the store doesn’t go to shit. I will work my ass off until its time to leave and trust me with this new venture it will be soon . one more holiday season that’s it.

this will be continued ……..