Fall is in the air

It’s September 1st y’all and you know what that means right ? It means the leaves will start changing colors and falling , the sun will be out but the chill in the air will start . Summer wardrobe packs up and we pull out the fall clothes. We start to drink hot coffee from cute mugs and of course the fall drinks from our favorite coffee shops, and this all means that fall is going to start ! My favorite time of year and I hope it’s one of yours too .

What is your favorite time of fall ?

I will say the one thing that I will be going all out with is decorating, the colors the pumpkins the vibe right before Halloween sets in, YES I see it already, my tower shelf set with pumpkins, leaf garland mixed with little fairy lights and of course the dining room table with the fresh fall flowers and having the windows open with the fresh air flowing through our home without it being too hot or too cold, wearing fuzzy socks (Halloween theme) and baking cookies.

What fall activities do you like to do?

By yourself or with family ?

So this month I will be posting a ton of fun, decor and fall lovin’ on this blog and also my Instagram so if you are not following hop right over to my page and hit follow .

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