The real you .

When did it start for you ? you know not giving a shit about anything anymore, not caring about being a certain way around people you did or didnt know ?

I have pretty much kept to myself during my school years and now as being an adult. i have always been the quiet one , but dont get me wrong ill be the loud one at the right place & right time. ive been this way for many reasons and the biggest one would be getting close to people to get stabed in the back with drama and having things said behind my back.Now this could be bad luck or juju for not being social or just luck to not want or need these kind of people in my life .

So this brings me to my current situation, I work retail and I must say it feels like highschool all over again, drama , shit talking and best of all someone talking shit and twisting shit with my name in their mouth and for the first time in a long time im being an adult about the situtaion because im an adult & the person behind it could pretty well be an elder to myself, im not in anyway going to loose my job by acting out on such ignorance because I AM BETTER THAN THAT ! but you better believe i will be petty and make your life hell & kill it with kindness because when i dont use my words i use my smile.

I will always be a lover and never a fighter unless you bring out the inner me, the inner me that gets so frustrated and angry thats the tears start flowing. the inner me that would love to just let these hands loose .There are three things i will fight for and those are

  • My daughter
  • My husband
  • My family

But these are also the reasons why I keep the inner me deep down inside so It never effects the situtaions i have . So this brings me to the final but also the begining , i hold myself so high with kindness to not let the anger out that somtimes my kindness gets taken for granted and gets used or pushed around ! this is not the real me , the real me will give it to you straight and not put up with anything somone puts in my way and the one thing i will not put up with any longer is some bullshit that is going to get in the way of my money , my happiness & my life . i will alway keep to myself , its safety for my myself and my life .

You will get 100% of me or you won’t get any & that when you will non existant in my life .

please leave a comment below & let me know when you had a change of mind in life .

xoxo, B

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