The mess has arrived

I guess I will start with a hello & welcome, I can say this is a great blog but I would be lying. It is a blog that you could make just like i did , a blog that is for an everyday person that i can relate with & the other way around . I want to share my stories , my life & my opinions with you so i hope you stay for the mess i call fun.

So this is me ! a BOSS, MOM & most of all the damn RULE MAKER !and do you know why that is ? i will tell you why !, its because my husband is all the fun , no rules just fun & that does not mean im not fun or can break anyrules because i can, it just means my daughter will no whats okay and not okay with rules that are set for her & who am i kidding she is a spitting image of her daddy attitude and all. So i have 3 different roles i play inside the home and out & that is what keeps our lives moving and my sanity strong, but who am i kidding i lost my sanity 4 years ago when my daughter was born.

so this is my introduction and may not be all about me but you can read that in the About me link right here , this is just something to get you strated on loving me .

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