The real you .

When did it start for you ? you know not giving a shit about anything anymore, not caring about being a certain way around people you did or didnt know ?

I have pretty much kept to myself during my school years and now as being an adult. i have always been the quiet one , but dont get me wrong ill be the loud one at the right place & right time. ive been this way for many reasons and the biggest one would be getting close to people to get stabed in the back with drama and having things said behind my back.Now this could be bad luck or juju for not being social or just luck to not want or need these kind of people in my life .

So this brings me to my current situation, I work retail and I must say it feels like highschool all over again, drama , shit talking and best of all someone talking shit and twisting shit with my name in their mouth and for the first time in a long time im being an adult about the situtaion because im an adult & the person behind it could pretty well be an elder to myself, im not in anyway going to loose my job by acting out on such ignorance because I AM BETTER THAN THAT ! but you better believe i will be petty and make your life hell & kill it with kindness because when i dont use my words i use my smile.

I will always be a lover and never a fighter unless you bring out the inner me, the inner me that gets so frustrated and angry thats the tears start flowing. the inner me that would love to just let these hands loose .There are three things i will fight for and those are

  • My daughter
  • My husband
  • My family

But these are also the reasons why I keep the inner me deep down inside so It never effects the situtaions i have . So this brings me to the final but also the begining , i hold myself so high with kindness to not let the anger out that somtimes my kindness gets taken for granted and gets used or pushed around ! this is not the real me , the real me will give it to you straight and not put up with anything somone puts in my way and the one thing i will not put up with any longer is some bullshit that is going to get in the way of my money , my happiness & my life . i will alway keep to myself , its safety for my myself and my life .

You will get 100% of me or you won’t get any & that when you will non existant in my life .

please leave a comment below & let me know when you had a change of mind in life .

xoxo, B


The mess has arrived

I guess I will start with a hello & welcome, I can say this is a great blog but I would be lying. It is a blog that you could make just like i did , a blog that is for an everyday person that i can relate with & the other way around . I want to share my stories , my life & my opinions with you so i hope you stay for the mess i call fun.

So this is me ! a BOSS, MOM & most of all the damn RULE MAKER !and do you know why that is ? i will tell you why !, its because my husband is all the fun , no rules just fun & that does not mean im not fun or can break anyrules because i can, it just means my daughter will no whats okay and not okay with rules that are set for her & who am i kidding she is a spitting image of her daddy attitude and all. So i have 3 different roles i play inside the home and out & that is what keeps our lives moving and my sanity strong, but who am i kidding i lost my sanity 4 years ago when my daughter was born.

so this is my introduction and may not be all about me but you can read that in the About me link right here , this is just something to get you strated on loving me .

Fall is in the air

It’s September 1st y’all and you know what that means right ? It means the leaves will start changing colors and falling , the sun will be out but the chill in the air will start . Summer wardrobe packs up and we pull out the fall clothes. We start to drink hot coffee from cute mugs and of course the fall drinks from our favorite coffee shops, and this all means that fall is going to start ! My favorite time of year and I hope it’s one of yours too .

What is your favorite time of fall ?

I will say the one thing that I will be going all out with is decorating, the colors the pumpkins the vibe right before Halloween sets in, YES I see it already, my tower shelf set with pumpkins, leaf garland mixed with little fairy lights and of course the dining room table with the fresh fall flowers and having the windows open with the fresh air flowing through our home without it being too hot or too cold, wearing fuzzy socks (Halloween theme) and baking cookies.

What fall activities do you like to do?

By yourself or with family ?

So this month I will be posting a ton of fun, decor and fall lovin’ on this blog and also my Instagram so if you are not following hop right over to my page and hit follow .

family beach trip

So the other morning we decided to pack up and drive to the great Oregon coast for a day trip and if you guys know us we love the beach and our daughter is sure she is a fish so she absolutely loves the beach.

So after we grabbed some breakfast to go, we were on our way & for it only being an hour and a half away it’s not a bad drive. Our plan was to go to canon beach but they were under poo advisory so we ended up going to seaside ( you know the busiest tourist side of town ) not our cup of tea but we had to drive my husbands car it’s it not meant to drive on sand so the other beaches were not our option this time .

So once we got to town we stopped and got snacks and water & the most important items ………… camping chairs, that we didn’t own and kinda needed. Us being prepared for the beach is always a funny thing cause we never are and when we are we still forget something so we still are not prepared. It’s never-ending with us. That’s the excitement ……..

So then we unloaded and made our way to the nice, cold, windy beach and found a spot. The sound of the waves and people having fun was just so relaxing until our crazy 4 years old wanted to get into her swimsuit and go swim with the “sharks”.

It was until the 50th “no it’s too cold right now” and “mom please can I put my swimsuit on ” that she had her dad waking her up to the water to fill up her bucket. And it was only minutes until I saw her sitting in the water as she lived in it.

She decided it was time to walk back and sit in the sand which stuck to her whole body. In a time where parents don’t understand their kids, that’s my time right now. She was just living her best life and the wind wasn’t going to stop her, not even one bit. And hey, it’s not like we live down the road so live yo life baby girl.

( no I’m not a bad mom, she could have gotten a cold but she didn’t ) so keep your comments to yourself.

After swim time it was the best time, and that’s SNACK TIME! But not just snack time but pretty much the most entertaining and best part of our trip. Now it was not the best time for violet though.

Okay now here it is…& this is the main culprit

So at the store, we got fruit, Pringles, some fudge goldfish and water, of course, drink water and take care of yo self. So yada yadda we had the fruit and had the goldfish. Played a little bit more and then violet wanted to crack open the Pringles. The one thing we found out about crowded beaches that out of towhees come too is that they give a little snack a roo to the seagulls as well, but then that makes those seagulls cranky and hungry and ready to attack!! All I knew was a pringles flew out of violets hands, then we were surrounded and the birds were fighting each other and getting closer and closer to us. Violet and I flew up and ran away when they started dodging us !! Over a damn chip guys , who would have thought . The best part was the most hangry bird trying to drag our backpack away when we weren’t looking .

family time for us is adventure , having fun , good laughs and all around love . our daughter gave us so much in life and we want to see her happy .

here are some more photo’s of are trip & pretty much all of us being crazy as hell . but thats just a regular day for this beach bum fam .

So if that wasn’t enough food we ended up at MO’s and if you haven’t been it’s a must stop at the Oregon coast . So that’s that , if you want to see more check out my Instagram page , show some love & follow ya girl .

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